dinsdag 9 december 2014

GI mysterie part 2

More than a year ago I was gifted with a lot of sewed half square triangles. They were put together in lots of different ways.

See above... But I also had pinwheels and even singles. So, I had to figure out a way to use them. They had a odd size, so I started to cut them all to 2.5 inch.

With the left over fabric, which was included in the gifted bag, I cut strips to make fourpatches.

I finished the quilt a few weeks ago.
I still had a lot of HST left, in the original odd size. So..... I decided to use them in a leader and ender project and sew split nine patches with them, with 2 inch squares. 

But back to business. Guess  wich methode I was going to use in the next step of the Grand Illusion mysterie!?? Right, the third one, wich will me profite with lots of two inch HST to work with!!

This is how they turned out!

They still needs to get a good press.

These are ready to go! 

Here are two 4.5 inch finished split nine patch blocks, unpressed in this stage.

I love them!!

Oh, and since I'm only making 60 percent of the units Bonnie is telling us to make, I have finished them all! Hoorah!! Dubble diamond units. 

Just as a reminder, here is my step one.

Can't wait to see what she's up to for the next step! I only have to wait untill friday!

You can watch how others are doing with the mysterie on Bonnie Hunters blog by clicking HERE

Have a great day, love, Elni

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